When it comes to health, the person who is most trusted by patients is their doctor. This relationship is one of the most important relationships, and therefore, it should be a healthy one. As per research, patients expect the same service from their doctors as they expect from other commercial entities like banks, hotels, and restaurants! There are many good doctors like Dr Philip Baldeo who are ready to provide you with top quality service and listen to all your needs. However, there are certainly some doctors out there who are not empathetic towards their patients, and as a result they are unable to satisfy their patients. When you are finding a good doctor for your family, you must make sure that you are fully aware of the qualities and attributes of a good doctor, as then you will be able to take a good decision. You must also be aware about the essential things that people expect from their doctors. After knowing these things, you will be able to improve your expectations as welland will be able to get maximum from your consultation appointments.

What people want from their doctors?
We have devised a list of things that people want from their doctors. It is a good thing to learn about these things as this will improve your visits with the doctors as well.

• Transparency – Patients want transparency. Many doctors tend to hide things from the patients which is not a great thing in modern world. Patients want to know what is going on so they could take the necessary steps.
• Trust – Patients seek for trust in their doctors because they have to follow their prescriptions!
• Active listening – Patients expect doctors to be good listeners. It is one of the major qualities of a good doctor.