Mdf strips for wall panelling are a popular option for surfaces and ceilings. Nevertheless, it appears in a variety of kinds, every single having its positives and negatives. This blog post will talk about the 6 most typical forms of MDF paneling and assist you to determine which one suits your expections!

Six Varieties of MDF Panelling

1.Common MDF Panelling:

Common MDF paneling is easily the most popular type. It’s created from medium-density fibreboard and can be purchased in numerous thicknesses and styles. It’s an excellent choice for surfaces and ceilings and will be decorated or tarnished to fit your décor.

2.Fire-rated MDF Panelling:

Blaze-rated MDF paneling is designed to stand up to fire as well as heat problems. It’s manufactured from a special fibreboard resistant against flames and also heat, which makes it the ideal choice in blaze-tolerant locations like hallways and stairwells.

3.Humidity-tolerant MDF Panelling:

Dampness-proof MDF paneling is constructed of dealt with fibreboard that guards against humidity injury. This kind is ideal for bath rooms, the kitchen, along with other areas susceptible to dampness damage.

4.Acoustic MDF Panelling:

Acoustic MDF paneling was designed to take in audio minimizing sound levels. It’s made from seem-taking in components which help to muffle seem in busy regions like office buildings and classrooms.

5.Mildew-resistant MDF Panelling:

Fungus-resilient MDF paneling is cured with an anti-fungus covering that can help protect against mildew and mildew development. This type is perfect for humid environments for example washrooms and basements.

6.Bamboo-veneer MDF Panelling:

Bamboo-veneer MDF paneling consists of organic bamboo veneers that give your wall space an attractive, old-fashioned look. It’s an excellent choice for those who desire to then add additional heat and character to their home decor.


When deciding on the best type of MDF paneling, there are many facts to consider. Common MDF paneling is a superb selection, but fire-scored and moisture content-resistant varieties are around for certain functions. Acoustic and fungus-proof MDF paneling might be valuable in certain situations. Bamboo-veneer MDF paneling can be a stylish solution that could include extra warmness and figure to your residence.