If you’re in the market for a Hollywood vanity mirror, you’ll be happy to know that there are now models with Bluetooth capabilities. This means that you can control all the functions of your mirror using your mobile device! Whether you want to change the lighting, turn on the music, or check your appearance before leaving the house, these mirrors make it easy. Keep reading to learn more about hollywood vanity mirror with lights and Bluetooth and find out where you can buy them.

Looking for a vanity mirror with all the bells and whistles? Check out Hollywood Vanity Mirrors! Our mirrors have Bluetooth capabilities, which allow you to control all the functions using your mobile device. This includes turning on the lights, changing the light color, and even adjusting the magnification! We know that you want the best of the best when it comes to your beauty routine. That’s why we offer Hollywood vanity mirrors with Bluetoothin various sizes and styles to suit your needs.


The main attraction and USP of this mirror are Bluetooth enabled and thus can be controlled using your mobile device. The mirror has in-built speakers and a microphone through which you can take calls, listen to music, and even record videos. It also has a LED light that creates a perfect ambiance for your selfie sessions or for when you are getting ready for a night out. The best part is that this Hollywood Vanity Mirror is extremely easy to install and use.

Another great feature of the mirrors includes the perfect lighting it provides. With the help of LED bulbs, the mirror lights up evenly and does not create any hot spots. This is perfect for doing your makeup as you can see yourself clearly from all angles. The Bluetooth feature also allows you to take calls without picking up your phone. This is extremely convenient as it means that you can continue getting ready while still being able to take that important call.


Overall, the Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth is a must-have for anyone who loves taking selfies or recording videos. The mirror is extremely easy to install and use, and the LED bulbs provide perfect lighting. So what are you waiting for? Get yourself a Hollywood Vanity Mirror with Bluetooth today!