How does the Heat pump function?


A Värmepump ( Heat pump ) can be a mechanised-pressure cycle refrigeration method which you can use for either home heating or cooling down. Within the air conditioning method, it utilizes the identical basic refrigeration-pattern theory as being an air conditioner or perhaps a refrigerator, but also in the heating system function it reverses the refrigeration pattern and generates heat instead of cooling down.

The most common sort of Heat pump (Värmepump) is the oxygen-source Värmepump ( Heat pump ), which transfers heat involving the property as well as the outside atmosphere. Värmepump ( Warmth pump )s are available that shift heating involving the house along with a normal water provider, such as a pond or nicely. They are known as normal water-resource or geothermal Värmepump ( Heat pump )s.

How a Värmepump ( Heat pump ) Works

Within the cooling down method, an air-source Värmepump ( Heat pump ) performs such as an air conditioner. It will require warmth through the indoors air flow and transfers it on the outside air flow. In the heating function, it reverses the procedure and transfers heating externally atmosphere on the indoors oxygen.

In the cooling method, a water-supply Värmepump ( Heat pump ) functions just like a fridge. It will require heating through the normal water and transfers it on the oxygen. Within the heating setting, it reverses this process and transfers temperature from the oxygen on the water.

The performance of a Värmepump ( Heat pump ) is measured by its heating system period performance component (HSPF). The greater the HSPF, the more efficient the Värmepump ( Heat pump ).

Atmosphere-provider Värmepump ( Warmth water pump )s have HSPFs that range from about 7.7 to 10. Inside the warming mode, these are about 40% to 50% effective. From the air conditioning setting, they can be about completely productive.

Water-source Värmepump ( Heat push )s have HSPFs that vary from about 11 to 16. Within the heating system setting, they can be about 80Per cent to 90Per cent productive. In the cooling function, these are about 100% successful.

Geothermal (terrain-supply) Värmepump ( Temperature push )s have HSPFs that range from about 16 to 30. From the home heating function, they can be about 80% to 90% effective. Inside the cooling method, they may be about completely efficient.