A perfect hen party should be about having fun and celebrating the bride. Yet all this doesn’t happen on its own. It requires planning and organizing. You need to add a special touch to the event by including engaging hen party games.
Ideas to organise a memorable hen do party
You shouldn’t be responsible for everything on your own. You need to involve the other bridesmaids in the brainstorming process. You can also ask the bride for guidelines. You can’t involve her in everything, as she doesn’t need that extra stress. Here are some useful ideas for a great hen do party:
Work on the guest list.
This is a top priority to organising a successful activity. It is important to make a list that won’t cause dispute or disagreement. If there is a big age and taste gap between the guests, You can split the guests into two separate groups. The first should go to a quiet place, such as a spa retreat, while the second should go to the wild night.
Incorporate hen do party games.
You might think it is a bit childish to add games to a big girls’ night. But you are totally wrong about this. He does games that truly unleash some of the childish powers, but they can be naughty and wild as well. When it comes to the available options for hen do games, the sky is the limit. You can find innocent and cute games that seek only pure fun. Also, there are racy and wild games that could make you blush. So, making a choice depends on the audience and the bride.
Make a room for early outdoor activities.
If your hen do party is scheduled over a long weekend, you should include outdoor activities. This doesn’t mean clubbing. This means going for a stroll, a hike, or any moderate physical activity your group might be into. Just make sure you choose the right day for this. You can pick a clear day that has refreshing air.