A commercial litigator is a fantastic alternative for clients since they are well-versed in both the law and business operations. Jeremy Schulman’s primary responsibility is to evaluate the truthfulness of a claim and make recommendations on how to proceed. All components of the litigation process, including the preparation of evidence, the filing of legal documents, and unsuccessful appeals, will be handled for their clients by this firm. A business litigator’s success depends on his or her ability to craft a compelling story about the case and convey it to the jury.

Many facets of commercial litigation necessitate the services of an experienced attorney. Fact-finding methods, composing letters, negotiating settlements, and filing lawsuits are all examples of this. Pre-trial motions and jury trials are both possibilities for a commercial litigator. A business litigation case may be brought in multiple jurisdictions, including a large number of defendants. In order to win a business litigation case, the lawyer should be well-versed in the relevant legal field and have extensive case-handling experience.

During the discovery phase of a business litigation matter, a commercial litigator will assist in the preparation of each party’s letters and briefs. Clients will benefit from the advice of an experienced business litigator, who is well versed in all aspects of the law. To win the case, they will develop and present the evidence that will be used. Commercial litigation can often be brought in more than one jurisdiction, so the litigator should be well-versed in the procedures of several courts.

An experienced commercial litigator like Jeremy Schulman will adjust his or her strategy to the specifics of the case. At the end of the day, a competent commercial litigator will counsel the client and help them come to an amicable settlement. Both parties will benefit from a settlement negotiated by an experienced business attorney. A mutually beneficial solution is usually the best option for both parties. You will be represented by your business litigator in any negotiations with the opposing side’s legal counsel if a settlement is achieved.